When and how to listen to self-talk:

Repetition is the key to personal growth and positive change. In the brain, new neural pathways are imprinted and recorded through repetition. This is why recorded self-talk programs are specifically designed to be listened to often. Each self-talk program session is specifically designed for repeated listening.

The length of most self-talk sessions is between twelve and eighteen minutes. This is based on “attention learning span” in adults, and the concept of “spaced repetition.” Self-talk sessions that are this general length, and repeated daily, work best.

Self-talk programs are enjoyable to listen to, and you’ll find them to be motivating and stimulating each day, while you’re “wiring in”new mental programs that will stay with you for a lifetime.

For adults:

Listen to each self-talk session from one to three times daily. During the first two to three days of listening to each new session, play the session in the background while you’re doing something else —driving, dressing, eating, exercising, walking, etc.

After the first two or three days, give more attention to the session as you listen, and begin to focus on the words.

To work on an important “key area,”something that is of special interest to you, (i.e., weight loss, personal relationships, etc.), listen to that subject area from one to three weeks before going on to the next subject area.  Other sessions that may be less important to you, can be listened to less frequently, and for a shorter period of time.

Most self-talk listeners continue to listen to their favorite self-talk sessions after the initial one to three week period of focused listening.

You can listen to up to three different self-talk “subjects”on the same day, but don’t overdo it.  Self-talk is meant to be listened to casually but consistently, over weeks and months, rather than heavy listening for a short time only.  Relax and enjoy your new self-talk.  Keep listening comfortably, and stay with it, and the positive new programs will become a natural part of your thoughts and attitudes.

For older kids and younger kids.
Older kids:

“Self-Esteem for Older Kids,”for ages 7 to 17, can be listened to at any time, (without a set schedule), especially when they are occupied, doing something else, and have the self-talk playing in the background.

Younger kids:

The program “Self-Esteem for Kids,”for children ages infant to 7 years old, is recorded in the cartoon-like animated voice of Shadrack the Self-Talk Bear.™  (Shadrack the Bear is featured in the series of children’s books by Dr. Helmstetter.  Shadrack and the “Self-Esteem Team”have come to Earth from the planet Excellence to teach self-esteem and self-talk to little Earth kids.)

For young children, play the self-talk in the backgroung while they are playing or otherwise occupied.  Also play the sessions as children are going to sleep at night.

Order and download your self-talk programs today, and start listening now. Happy listening!

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