Positive Self Talk For Winning With People



Being your best with people in your life doesn’t have to be an accidental result of your genes and upbringing; it can be entirely up to you. The self-talk sessions in this series focus on the basic personality traits that help you wire your brain for being successful with people in any circumstance or situation. This is the self-talk that will help you uplift your personality, and deal with everyone in a way that works.

Product Description: Winning With People

Developing a Winning Personality

When you focus on your personality––and bring out the positive––your personality naturally gets better, and dealing with others is easier and more effective. This special self-talk session gives you the focus, and when you listen often, wires your brain to make a rich, positive, personality a natural part of your life. If you want people to notice you, like you, listen to you, and respond to you in a positive way, listen to this session each day for a minimum of three weeks to start, and then listen again once a week as a refresher. Your personality will come to life, day after day, in the very best way.

Positive Listening

People who learn to listen to others––really listen––are sharper, more involved, more aware, and more in tune with everyone they meet. This one skill––learning to be an active, positive listener–– is so important that those who practice it stand out from others, have more control in their lives, and create more personal success. This is an essential skill to practice, wire in, and own.

Expressing Yourself

Much of the magic of winning with others comes from how you express yourself––and self-expression has more to do with confidence and attitude than just the words you use. This self-talk session creates mindfulness of the way you express yourself. Listen to this session often at first, and then once each week. With practice, it will help you become a person of positive, polished self-expression.

Personal Energy and Enthusiasm

Your personal “glow,” your energy and enthusiasm, affects not only your own thinking and actions, it affects everyone around you. It is your energy and enthusiasm that gives life to anything you do or anything you care about. Listen to this self-talk session often. It will wire your brain to have more energy and enthusiasm, and make having them a powerful, natural part of your life.

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