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The self-talk you’ll learn in this Classroom of the MindTM has been used by thousands of individuals to help them reach and maintain their weight-loss goals. To begin with, listen to each of these three sessions at least once each day for a minimum of three weeks – as long as it takes for these self-talk messages to become a natural, ‘wired in’ part of who you are.

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Getting Started and Staying With It

This is the self-talk that will get you started with the right, positive attitude, give you the determination to reach your optimum weight, and let nothing stop you from reaching your goal.

Sitting Down to Eat

This session helps you see food in a whole new way. With repeated listening, no matter what the setting, you’ll be in control of you – and anything you eat.

Learning to Say No

The self-talk in this important session puts you in control of the choices you make, and keeps you mindful of the power you have to say “no” to anything that could keep you from your weight-loss goal. This session helps you ‘wire in’ the will power to stay with it and succeed.

Winning at Weight-Loss

This session gives you a complete ‘inner picture’ of you already being successful at weight-loss. The more you listen, the more you’ll make the choices that help you create the positive picture of you that you’re seeing in your mind each day, and make that picture of you a permanent part of your life.

Self-Esteem for Weight-Loss

All of the self-talk sessions in this series add to having positive self-esteem. But this classroom focuses on self-esteem, and shows you the importance of a positive picture of you, while it wires in that picture and makes it stronger every time you listen.

Taking Control of Your Life

The self-talk in this session will help you in any area of your life, but it is essential self-talk for a successful weight-control program. This is self-talk that will help you make the right choices, take the right action, and put yourself in control.


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