Positive Self Talk For Super Mind



Listening to the self-talk sessions in the Super Mind series wires your brain to be more active, acutely aware and articulate, and creates the mental patterns necessary for top operating performance. Listen to these sessions daily for a minimum of three weeks, and repeat them as a refresher once every month.

Product Description: Super Mind

Thinking Sharp and Being Alert

The more you listen to this session, the more your brain will fine- tune itself to become aware of your thoughts, and help you instantly clarify your thinking anytime you choose. Listen to this session to improve your thinking skills overall––and especially when you have to be at your sharp thinking best.

Your Concentration

Focused concentration is a powerful habit that you can, with repetition, wire into your brain. Listen to this session for three

weeks to improve your concentration skills. Listen again anytime you need to have a special clarity of focus and be at your best.

Better Memory

Good memory is more than an accident of birth. Super memory is a skill that is learned, practiced and perfected. Listening to this session often will get you practicing and wiring that skill into place. You’ll be amazed at the areas of your life that you’ll enhance by improving your memory––a skill that is essential for having a super mind.

Studying and Learning

Listen to this session anytime you have to study and learn at your best, such as doing well in a class in school. But also listen to this session to increase your overall absorption and retention of information that helps you become a sharper, smarter person. Winners never stop learning, and wiring this session into your brain will keep you on the learning track.

Having Vision and Perspective

If you want to live at your mental best, you have to see beyond the moment and keep yourself aware of the bigger picture. Listening to this session will keep you mindful of that picture, and will help you make the practice of having great vision a way of life.

Super Creativity

Having the ability to see things in new ways is at the core of successful ‘super thinking.’ The more you practice creativity, and make being creative a part of your life every day, the more naturally creative you’ll become. Listening to this session often is one of the most important steps you can take to insure that you will live, think, and act creatively––a sign of intelligence and awareness that gives you an advantage and sets you apart in a positive way.


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