Positive Self Talk For Super Coach



You now have a coach you can call on at any time to give you a pep-talk, build you up, and show you at your best. The self-talk coach in these sessions speaks to you in second person, as the ‘outside’ coach who always believes in you. The more you listen to these sessions, the more you’ll become that coach, and the more your brain will be trained to think like your Super Coach.

Product Description: Super Coach

Believing in Incredible You!

This is one of the most popular self-talk sessions ever produced. Listen often, and wire this picture of you into your brain. It’s both a positive picture of you, and extra positive motivation anytime you need it.

Creating Positive Self-Esteem

What you think about yourself is so important that it literally determines how well you do in any area of your life. This session keeps you mindful of your own self-worth while it wires your brain to recognize that the amazing person you’re hearing about is really you.

Creating Super Success

You were born to succeed, and the more you listen to this session, the more you’ll know it’s true. Successful people create the habit of thinking successfully, and this session, repeated often, will wire a success attitude into your brain.

Creating Health & Fitness

This special self-talk coaching session is great on its own, but it should also be added to any fitness program you’re on. The more time you spend in this Classroom of the MindTM, the more mindful of your fitness you’ll become, and the more you’ll make great health and fitness a positive habit that will be a natural part of your life every day.

Creating Financial Freedom

Financial freedom starts with a state of mind, and the self-talk in this important session creates the attitude that makes positive finances a way of life. People who have more wealth than others aren’t ‘luckier’ than others; they have a wired-in attitude that creates worth and self-worth – exactly what repeated listening to this session will bring to life.

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