Positive Self Talk For Stopping Smoking



The self-talk in this series creates a healthy, non-smoking picture of you. It helps put you in control of yourself and your habits, and wires in a positive new health attitude about everything you do. These sessions will help you make healthiness an important part of your life, every day you listen, and every day to come.

Product Description: Stopping Smoking

Seeing Yourself as a Non-Smoker

You’ll love listening to this uplifting session––it gives you a clear picture of you living at your healthy best. Listen to this session once each morning, and again, anytime during the day when you need extra clarity in staying with it, living healthy, and reaching your goal.

Stopping Smoking

This special self-talk session goes beyond the healthy picture of yourself you see in Session One. Listening repeatedly to this session gives you an in-depth picture of you being in control of your self-esteem, your attitudes, your relationships, your time, your money, your health, and your goals––all of the starting steps to your success as a healthy non-smoker.

Never Smoking Again

The self-talk in this session wires your brain to stay with it, stay healthy, and make your non-smoking healthiness a habit for a lifetime. Listen to this session daily, for a minimum of three weeks, to begin to wire these positive new programs ‘permanently’ into your brain. When you do you’re giving yourself the gift of a better, healthier, happier life.

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