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Volume 2

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Designed to work hand-in-hand with POSITIVE SELF-TALK for WOMEN 1 – ‘PERSONAL,’ these sessions directly affect the “external” you, the activities and actions you undertake in the course of a day. These are the programs that will help you get to work on time, put money in the bank, express yourself clearly, work through the challenges that confront you, do well in your job or career, and reach the goals that are important to you.

Product Description: Women Vol. 2


Setting Goals

The difference between having what you want out of life and not having it is the difference between just having dreams and having a specific goal plan to make your dreams a reality. The more you repeat this session, the more you’ll wire programs and habits into your brain that make setting and reaching any good goal you set a natural and dynamic part of your life.

Personal Organization

This session is a direct solution to feeling overwhelmed. Listen regularly to help you gain a sense of control right now, regain your balance and perspective, and build a long-term habit of successfully managing the details of every area of your life.

The Work You Do

Whether you are a full-time working woman, a stay-at-home mom or wife, a volunteer worker, someone who devotes time to charity work, or half of a two-income family, whatever your work happens to be, the right self-talk programs can help you do it better. This session is designed to help you build on the best of the mental programs you already have about your work, and strengthen your program paths in areas where you might not be as strong or confident as you would like to be.

Money and Finances

Our views about money, and having it or not, are inseparably woven into our pictures of our past, our beliefs about our current life, and our beliefs about what kind of future it is possible for us to have. This session gives you the right, new mental programs that let you see yourself as a person with money instead of a person without it — and the more you wire in the new information about you, the stronger your financial life will become.

Solving Problems

The first and most critical step in dealing with the problems in your life is to take charge of the old programs that have been getting in your way. This session will help you wire in a new habit of belief in your own ability to get through any circumstance, and win.


When you’re talking with another person, what you’re actually doing is talking to that person’s programs. How well the communication goes will depend on the programs they have, and the programs you have. This session helps you wire in better listening skills, focus, and clear self-expression, so that every communication you have, gets your message across and always says the right things about you.

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