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Designed to work hand-in-hand with POSITIVE SELF-TALK for WOMEN 2 – ‘PROFESSIONAL,’ these six empowering sessions focus on the “internal” you, the underlying programs that motivate and drive you to take the right actions. These are the self-talk sessions that will help you see a real picture of the positive “you,” build better relationships, enhance your family life, find your own best path to a healthy and fit lifestyle, reduce your stress level, and create and maintain a dynamic level of energy and enthusiasm.

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Your self-esteem is everything you believe about you. Building your self-esteem with the right self-talk helps you see beyond your limitations – to the strengths and talents and skills you have within you. Listen often to this session at night just before you go to sleep, to wake up with a fresh new picture of yourself and your ability to live out your full potential, or during the day anytime you need a reminder of the positive truth about you.

Positive Relationships

As a woman, you are called upon to fill many different roles in the course of a day—and your mental programs are different for each “identity” you have. Whether you want to be a better friend, a more effective leader, a happier mom, a more loving spouse, or improve another of the many ways you interact with others, the more you listen to this session, the more you will build your ability to create and sustain the kind of relationships you choose, in every area of your life.

Building a Strong Family

No matter what your current family circumstances are, you have the ability to improve them — and this Self-Talk session gives you the tools you need to do just that. It is designed to help you create and maintain a strong, healthy, loving family environment.


Health and Fitness

This important session helps you stop buying into everyone else’s image of how you should look, how much you should weigh, and what kind and frequency of exercise is right for you. It helps you wire in strong new programs that paint a realistic picture of yourself as a healthy person who sets her own standards of fitness and health. 

Reducing Stress

To break the cycle of stress, to ease the pressure of a nonstop life, and to find the calm and happy person you were born to be, listen frequently to this session. The more you listen, the more you’ll wire in strong, new, healthy habits that equip you to deal more effectively with whatever life throws your way.

Energy and Enthusiasm

This session helps you to be more alive and enthusiastic, more cheerful and optimistic and “going for it.” The new habits you wire in with these new programs allow you to find more energy each day, and to do more with the energy you already have.


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