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“Personal & Professional Success” is one of the most popular self-talk series of all time. This is the self-talk that gets you started and keeps you moving––setting and reaching goals, getting mentally sharp, being in control of your success, and taking action now.

Product Description: Personal & Professional Success

Making the Choice to Achieve

True success, the kind that lasts, always begins with a conscious choice to reach the goal. This vital self-talk puts you in touch with your choices, keeps you mindful of them, and helps you define and take action on the right ones.

Surrounding Yourself With Success

Neuroscience has learned that our brain is designed to imprint the programs we receive from the people around us. This self-talk helps you ensure that you choose the right support team for your success.

Mastering Your Goals

This is one of the most important self-talk sessions you can ever wire into your brain. Listening to this session often, will help you define the right goals, keep them on the top of your action list, and make them happen.

Giving Yourself a Mental Tune-Up

This is the perfect self-talk to listen to when you want to be sharp, mindful, and totally on top. Listening to this session often will wire your brain to bring your winning, in-touch, super-mind to life every day.

Managing Your Time, Setting Your Priorities, and Creating Your Success

If you’d like to be in control of your time and your priorities, start with the mental programs that determine your ‘success schedule.’ With repeated listening, the self-talk in this session will wire your brain to manage your time, and put you on top of your priorities and every step you need to take, when you need to take it.   

Putting Yourself Into Action Now

People who get things done have brains that are wired to take action. This is the self-talk that will give you the same advantage. Listening to this self-talk daily will wire your brain to take action, never again put things off, and keep you winning.

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