Positive Self-Talk for Older KidsTM


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As a young person, you’re bombarded from all sides with negative messages from friends, kids at school, television, video games, and more. You can counter the negative, unsafe messages from the world around you, with the clear, healthy messages of positive self-talk that will help you at home and at school.

Product Description: Older Kids

Setting and Reaching Goals

Learning to set and reach positive goals is one of the most important success habits  you can learn. Developing this habit early gives you an advantage, and a life-long tool for success.

Family and Friends

Listen to this self-talk session often. It will help you create positive relationships with your family members, friends, and anyone you meet. With the right self-talk, you can make relationships work for you.

Success in School

Your positive attitude, good goals, and hard work can make your school time some of your most successful time. Listening to this self-talk can not only help you get great grades, it can help you succeed in every part of your life in school.

Standing Up for You!

Standing up for yourself – for you, for what you think, and for your own boundaries, is one of the greatest strengths you can ever have. This self-talk will let you know you count, and you’re in charge of who you are and how tall you stand.

Dealing with Problems

This self-talk will help you get through problems, and help you deal with anything that comes your way. While some people around you let problems get the best of them, you’ll be dealing with the challenges, and getting past them.

Believing in Incredible You!

This is a special session of self-talk that tells you about the real you – who you really are, and how amazingly incredible you are. The more you listen to it, the more true it becomes.


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