Positive Self Talk For Positive Relationships


Volume 6 from The Lifetime Library

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The right balance, trust, and harmony in your relationships can add immeasurable well-being to your life. The self-talk in this series will give you the foundation on which positive relationships are built. Listen to these sessions regularly, and watch how your relationships prosper – including your relationship with your self.

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Product Description:Positive Relationships

Positive Life, Positive Relationships

This session is designed to imprint a picture of you living and thinking in a way that is wired to naturally attract and build positive relationships. The self-talk you’ll learn is also very uplifting and encouraging.

Creating Relationships that Work

Creating good relationships begins with valuing yourself and others. The self-talk in this session wires in the positive balance between caring for yourself and caring about others, and seeing yourself as a deserving, caring person.

Making Relationships Better

The self-talk in this session gives you the programs that naturally build positive relationships. With repeated listening, your brain will wire in exactly the right attitudes and habits that make relationships better.

Success with People

Success in relationships is a choice, and the self-talk in this session shows you choosing to be a quality person in every way. Repeat this session often, both when you’re creating a relationship, and when you want your relationships to improve and last.

Download The Complete Lifetime Library
Save $200
Retail price – $399, Your price – $199