Positive Self Talk For Overcoming Stress, Worry, and Depression



Anytime you want to step back, breathe deeply, and feel the quiet peace and tranquil calm of your safest self, spend time with these special sessions of self-talk. They are designed to put you back in touch with your foundational self, and give you balance and peace of mind.

Product Description: Overcoming Stress

Reducing Stress

Listening to this session makes you consciously mindful of your ability to control stress with your own thoughts. It gives you the calm and confidence to create tranquility and inner peace. It also shows you a picture of yourself creating a life that reduces the stress and creates the calm.

Freedom from Worry

This session puts your mind in tune with the positive, and replaces worry with thoughts that create harmony and well- being in your life. Listen to this session anytime worry or fears start to take over, and immediately replace them with the opposite––self-talk that is good, positive, healthy, and productive.

Overcoming Depression

The self-talk in this session helps you wire in an attitude that overrides depression with self-belief, positive choices, good goals, physical exercise, proper rest, the right diet, the right thoughts, and taking action. It will help you set a new path of putting yourself in control, overcoming depression, and making each day count in the most positive possible way.

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