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This two-part series of self-talk sessions was written especially for network marketers. Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who wrote and presents the self-talk in this Classroom of the MindTM, created this series based on more than 25 years of research in network marketing. In this self-talk series, Dr. Helmstetter has identified and created the right self-talk for virtually every area of network marketing success.

Product Description: Network Marketing 2

Overcoming Negatives and Dealing with “No’s”

Listen to this Self-Talk and get ready for a positive shift in attitude that will change your business! You’ll stop worrying about negatives from others, or even being told “No.” Listening to this session will help you turn ‘negatives’ into ‘positives,’ focus on the real opportunity you’re offering, and help you naturally and easily get past negatives, and never again fear the word “No.”

Creating a Positive Attitude Every Day

Imagine having an ‘up,’ positive, go-for-it attitude every day, from the first moment you wake up in the morning, to the last thought you think at night. This is a self-talk session that you’ll want to listen to often. This session gives you an immediate positive change in your attitude — and literally changes your day! It creates a powerful and instantly helpful attitude and energy boost for MLM business-builders.

Taking Action and Doing It Now!

This self-talk session was designed to put you into action, and creates a “do it now” attitude every time you listen. The more you listen to this session, the more taking action becomes an automatic and natural habit. Instead of procrastinating, or putting off building your business for some other day, you’ll find yourself taking action and building your business now!

Staying With It, and Never Giving Up!

This is the perfect session to listen to any time you’re faced with challenges. Difficult times come and go, but winners always keep going. This session will motivate and inspire you to restate the dream, reset the goal, choose to succeed, and keep going! Great self-talk for anyone who needs that extra powerful determination to stay with it and make it happen!

Your Daily “Network Marketing Success Pep-Talk.”

A 365-day-pep-talk! This is a very special program of self-talk that will motivate, inspire, and rededicate you every time you listen! This program brings together all of the most uplifting, go- for-it self-talk messages in the entire series, and delivers a non- stop, motivational network marketing pep-talk that literally inspires you to be up, stay motivated, take positive action, and build your business!

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