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This two-part series of self-talk sessions was written especially for network marketers. Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who wrote and presents the self-talk in this Classroom of the MindTM, created this series based on more than 25 years of research in network marketing. In this self-talk series, Dr. Helmstetter has identified and created the right self-talk for virtually every area of network marketing success.

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Building Your Network Marketing Business Now

The Self-Talk in this program helps you get started or restarted, immediately, making the choice to succeed, setting new goals, taking action, finding new prospects, and focusing your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions on building your MLM business now!

Getting Past the Fear of Prospecting

This highly motivating Self-Talk program turns prospecting into a positive experience you’ll look forward to. When you listen to this program daily, you’ll lose the fear of prospecting and learn to be confident and sure of yourself. The fear of prospecting is based on false programs that have been wired into our brains. The amazing self-talk in this session, listened to often, literally ‘rewires’ your brain to see prospecting in a new way – without the fear. This session alone could change your business.

Overcoming ‘Fear of the Telephone’

This is an essential self-talk session for network marketers. Within days of beginning to listen to this session, you’ll begin to see the telephone in a whole new way. And with repeated listening, fear of the telephone will be gone forever.

Building Daily Self-Confidence

This is the self-talk session that will keep your attitude up regardless of challenges. Your own self-belief is the foundation of your success, and this self-talk will help you get it and keep it. Watch what happens when you listen daily — while you’re actively building your business!

Balancing Your Time, Your Business, and Your Life

This important Classroom of the MindTM will help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles in building a successful business – maintaining the right balance between family, job, and business-building. This program covers everything from setting priorities, to never again having to feel guilty about taking the time to build your business. After you’ve listened to this session daily for several days, listen to this session at least once each week to maintain perfect balance.

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