Positive Self Talk For Mastering Time



Mastering time underlies all true accomplishment. It is time itself, and what we do with it, that determines not only how successful we are, but also much of how happy and contented we are with our lives. The self-talk in this Classroom of the MindTM gives you the programs that will wire your brain to master your time, get things done, and manage your life.

Product Description: Mastering Time

 Setting Priorities and Managing Time

Listening to this session helps you put things in their proper order. It wires your brain to be mindful of keeping everything in your life in balance, so you always give the right attention to the right thing at the right time.

Getting Organized

If you’ve ever wished you could be more organized, the self-talk in this session will help you get it together, and be in control of your thoughts, your actions, and your future. With repeated listening, you’ll find yourself being consciously aware of your own thoughts and choices, and how they can give you the personal organization you’ve been looking for.


Learning to Say No

The power of “no” can be as important as the power of “yes.” Learning to say no let’s you live up to your highest self, and gives you the permission to follow the path you set for yourself. The self-talk in this session is exceptionally freeing, and along with giving you the power of self, helps you take charge and live up to your best.

Stopping Procrastination

Putting things off is more than a lazy habit; it is a lifestyle that is the result of negative programs that are designed to avoid our true, stong, appreciation of life and its opportunities. This is the self-talk that give you the positive new programs that will help you get things done, on time and in the right way, and create an amazing new sense of completion and satisfaction. This is one of the most popular self-talk sessions, and one that you should listen to frequently.

Getting More Done In Less Time

The special self-talk in this session will give a powerful boost to your accomplishment. It is designed to help you get past the time-wasters, and help you become the achiever you were meant to be. Listening to this session often increases your energy, your output, and your reward. If you want to get things done, this is the self-talk that wires your brain to supercharge your effectiveness, and puts you into action.

Managing Your Self and Your Life

This is the self-talk that literally puts you on top––taking responsibility for everything about you. It turns living life by chance into living your life by choice. Listen to this session daily for the first three weeks, and then return to it a minimum of once a week until the powerful new programs of personal determination begin to be wired in, and become an active part of the winner that you are.

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