Positive Self Talk For Health & Fitness


Volume 3 from The Lifetime Library

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Your mental programs determine the choices you make. In turn, the choices you make about your health and habits literally create your fitness. The sessions in this important self-talk series will help get you on track – and into the positive daily habit of healthiness.

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Product Description: Health & Fitness

A Positive Picture of the Healthy You

The self-talk in this session shows you at your healthy best. By listening frequently, wiring that picture into your brain will turn your health choices into positive choices, and help you become the fit, healthy picture of you that you’re creating.

Creating the Habit of Healthiness

Listening to this session frequently, makes the habit of wellness a way of life. Each time you listen, you’ll literally be wiring healthiness into your brain. The stronger those programs become, the more you’ll naturally create and maintain good health.

Taking Action, Being Healthy

This powerful session helps you turn a positive health attitude into positive actions. From fitness to weight control, the more you listen to this session, the more you do everything you need to do be your best, healthy self.

Making the Choice of Living Fit

The self-talk in this session wires your brain with some of the most important mental programs you can ever have: programs for making clear, positive fitness choices. The more you listen, the better health and fitness choices you’ll make, naturally and automatically.

Download The Complete Lifetime Library
Save $200
Retail price – $399, Your price – $199