Positive Self Talk For Mastering Goals



Mastering goals requires self-belief, dealing with risks, having determination, and taking action––and you’ll find all of these qualities and more in these life-changing self-talk sessions. This is the self-talk that wires your brain to be a super goal-setter, and move beyond chance or luck to reach the heights of achievement you were born to attain. This is great self-talk for everyone, and for any goal.

Product Description: Mastering Goals

Setting and Reaching Goals

This self-talk literally sets you up to become an active, positive goal-setter––with an action plan to follow, and the daily determination to see it through. Listen to this session often, and watch what happens to your goals. You’ll start setting better goals, and reaching more of them.

Making Positive Decisions

The foundation to setting good goals is the self-talk that helps you make clear, strong, positive decisions. The self-talk in this session wires in the picture of you as someone who makes good decisions and acts on them. It shows you the picture of you creating your success by thinking through your decisions, getting them right, and making them happen.


Positive Risk-Taking

Setting good goals often requires taking the right risks. The self- talk in this session helps you turn risks into winning opportunities. It gives you the conviction and determine to make the right choice, create the strategy, follow it through, and create the win. Listen to this session not only when you’re in the middle of the task, but also ahead of time, anytime you’re setting goals.

Personal Achievement

Your belief in yourself and in your goals determines the size of the goal you’re willing to set. Because you can only go as far as the goals you set, this powerful self-talk session should become one of the sessions you listen to most often. It is filled with self- belief, determination, spirit, will, and achievement.

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