Positive Self Talk For Finding Your Focus & Creating Your Future



Much of our future is the result of the clarity of focus we learn to create. The sessions in this self-talk series will help you make sure your focus is clear, and listening to these sessions often, will keep you on track. Repeated listening to these sessions will wire the picture of your most positive future into your brain, keep you mindful of your steps each day, and help you bring that future to life.

Product Description: Finding your focus


Your Focus and Control

This session gives you a clear picture of you, focusing on being in control, knowing your choices, and getting beyond anything that may have stopped you in the past.

A Positive Picture of You

This session could be listened to every day. It is the foundational self-talk that shows you with all of your exceptional qualities living at your very best.

Choosing to Succeed

This session is filled with great self-talk that shows you making the important but simple choices that lead to your success, and it also wires your brain with the programs that show you that you deserve that success.

Taking Responsibility for You

This session helps you become mindful of the power of personal responsibility. It  shows you how much of your life is up to you, and gives you the programs that help you own your responsibility.

Visualizing Your Success

This is a great Classroom of the Mind™ to visit often. Each time you listen to this session, you’ll become even better at visualizing your positive future and bringing that future to life.

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