Positive Self Talk For Financial Success


Volume 5 from The Lifetime Library

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Achieving financial independence starts with a state of mind – and the right state of mind starts with your self-talk. Imagine literally rewiring your brain with a self-image of financial success! Your mental programs are subconsciously making 90% of your career and financial choices for you. The self-talk in this  series will help you make sure you have the programs that create financial success.

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Product Description: Financial Success

A Positive Picture of Your Finances

This session shows you being successful financially, and repeated listening will wire that picture into your mind, so more of your choices will help you create that success in your daily life.

Your Winning Attitude About Money

Your attitudes about money will play a major role in how much of it you will have. The healthier your financial attitude, the better you’ll do. The powerful self-talk in this session, listened to often, will wire the right money attitudes into your brain.

Taking Control of Your Financial Success

This is the self-talk that literally puts you and your choices in control of financial success. If you’d like to be free financially, listen to this session for a minimum of three weeks, and then plan to return to it often.

The Financial Future You Choose

Each time you listen to this session, you’ll give yourself the mental programs that attract and create financial success. It covers your goals and the actions you take to create the financial future you choose.

Download The Complete Lifetime Library
Save $200
Retail price – $399, Your price – $199