Positive Self Talk For Defeating Problems



Challenges create winners. In this incredibly uplifting series you’ll find the self-talk sessions that wire your brain to see problems differently, and turn adversity into success. Going far beyond just thinking positively, these sessions give you the kind of winning attitude that sees challenges as opportunities and problems along the way as natural steps to success.

Product Description: Defeating Problems


Personal Problem Solving

Winners look at problems differently. By seeing them more positively, they handle them more effectively. The self-talk in this session shows you at your problem-solving best. The more you listen to the session, the better you get at dealing with any problem, and the more you become the problem-solving person you’re wiring in.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles is a skill that anyone can learn. The self-talk in this session shows you a true picture of you, overcoming every obstacle you meet. The more you listen, the more you wire your own brain to meet, deal with, and overcome any obstacle that comes your way. This is a great session to listen to often and ‘wire in’ permanently. But it’s also a great session to listen to anytime a major obstacle comes up, and you’d like to deal with it in the best possible, winning way.


Overcoming Personal Limitations

We create most of our limitations for ourselves. With the help of this self-talk session, you’ll see limitations for what they really are, and begin to overcome them or dissolve them. Each time you listen to this session you’ll begin to bring more self-belief, and promise into your life. Listen anytime you need to put limitations back in their place.

Determination to Succeed

The self-talk in this session lets you know you want to win at life, and it jump-starts your determination reach every goal you set. Having determination isn’t an accident; it comes to us through years of conditioning––or by listening often to this self-talk that is designed to wire your brain to be totally and completely determined to reach your goals, and win.

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