Positive Self Talk For Weight Loss 2

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Product Description

Successful weight control gets down to attitude and determination. How we see ourselves most, is what we become most. The self-talk in these special sessions is designed to literally rewire your attitudes about food, weight, and how you see yourself. The self-talk you’ll learn is motivating, builds self-esteem, gives you the determination you need, and helps you stay with it and reach your goal.

Product Description: Weight Loss 2

Self-Talk for Weight-Loss

This is a great session to listen to anytime you need extra motivation to stay on track. Whether you’re just getting started on your weight-control plan, or wanting to make sure you’re maintaining your weight, this self-talk will help you stay mindful and positive.

Personal Weight-Loss Success

This session shows you a positive picture of who you really are and wires that strong picture of self-belief and success into your brain. The more you listen, the more self-confidence and determination you’ll have.

Health & Fitness Now!

This session is a non-stop pep-talk for fitness. With repeated listening, these same messages become wired in, and begin coming from you to you. This is a session you can come back to anytime you need some extra motivation or resolve. And it’s great encouragement to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal.

Self-Talk for Exercising

If you’ve ever had trouble starting an exercise program or staying with one, this session will help. Attending this Classroom of the MindTM is like having your own personal coach with you 24 hours a day, believing in you, encouraging you, and helping you stay with it. This is another session to repeat often.

Self-Esteem for Weight-Loss

All of the self-talk sessions in this series add to having positive self-esteem. But this classroom focuses on self-esteem, and shows you the importance of a positive picture of you, while it wires in that picture and makes it stronger every time you listen.

Taking Control of Your Life

The self-talk in this session will help you in any area of your life, but it is essential self-talk for a successful weight-control program. This is self-talk that will help you make the right choices, take the right action, and put yourself in control.


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