Positive Self Talk For Taking Control of Your Life

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Knowing you’re on top, in tune, in touch, and going for it, can literally change your attitude and the outcome of your day. The self-talk in this self-talk series will help you rewire your brain to be more focused, more organized, more alert, and more in control.

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Product Description: Taking control of your life

Seeing Yourself as The Organized You

How you see yourself will determine the actions you take. The self-talk in this session wires a picture of your fully organized self into your brain. The more you listen, and the more that picture is wired in, the more you’ll be in control of your time, your actions, and your life.

Being in Control of How You Live

The self-talk in this session wires in important programs of organization, self-management, and balance. Listening to this session often, forms neural patterns that are the foundation of a successful life. 

Creating the Habit of Positive Control

This self-talk helps you get in control, get organized, and get moving. It also wires your brain for high efficiency, staying focused, managing your time and reaching your goals.

Managing Your Time and Your Life

The self-talk in this important session creates calm, harmony, and contentment, by putting you in control of your time and your choices.

Download The Complete Lifetime Library
Save $200
Retail price – $399, Your price – $199